Initially we meet to discuss your requirements and draw up a brief for the design. The brief will be confirmed in writing together with a fee quotation.

Site survey:
A detailed site survey is required and this may be undertaken in house or by a land surveyor depending on the size and complexity of the site. In addition a site analysis is carried out to get a really good feel and understanding of the soil, your garden and it's surroundings.

Outline Design:
An outline design is then proposed which will illustrate the main ideas but is not fully detailed.

Concept plan:
Once the outline plan has been agreed a detailed, hand drawn, colour rendered concept plan of the final design is prepared which may include elevations or perspectives to help explain the design.

Detailed design:
A specification and scope of works is produced together with any necessary construction drawings and setting out plans. Planting plans and planting schedules are also provided detailing the exact number, size and location for all the plants.

The Build:
Quotations are obtained on your behalf from trusted contractors for the landscape work and any queries arising from the process of tendering are dealt with. When the contractors are on site then the build is monitored on a regular basis to ensure a good outcome.

The finished garden needs to be maintained to ensure that it develops and matures in a pleasing way so gardeners can be suggested if required. A maintenance programme can also be supplied.