Worplesdon Garden

The client, who was undertaking considerable improvements to their house, was keen to create a sanctuary in the garden away from the disruption of the building work. To facilitate this, the project was split into separate phases with Phase 1 encompassing the landscaping towards the rear of the garden and Phase 2 involving the construction of terraces, lawns and a water feature near the house. 

A woodland walk, through deep borders planted in a naturalistic style, was created to access the existing tennis court and summer house. A circular deck was recessed into the slope, retained by a curved concrete rendered wall, to create a lovely viewing platform back to the house. Wildflower turf was planted in front of the deck to provide a transition from the more formal areas closer to the house, to the more relaxed areas near the perimeter.

The client was keen to  have space to entertain and so an area between the annex and the pool was designed to accomodate a marquee. A formal terrace for dining is situated near the kitchen which has views towards the water feature which comprises two water blades with water trickling down the face of a sloping wall to create a gentle ambience. Planting against the house softens the walls.

A bespoke pergola leads the eye towards the marquee lawn framing a statue chosen by the client (yet to be installed).